Canada is a country located in North America, bordered by the United States to the south and the Arctic to the north. It is the second-largest country in the world and has a diverse landscape, including mountains, forests, lakes, and coastlines. The official languages of Canada are English and French, and the country has a population of around 37 million people. The currency of Canada is the Canadian dollar. Canada is known for its high standard of living, universal healthcare system, and welcoming attitude towards immigrants. The country has a strong economy and is a popular destination for those seeking work or a better quality of life. The climate in Canada varies depending on the region, but the country is known for its cold winters and short, mild summers. Some of the most popular activities in Canada include skiing, hiking, and exploring the country’s natural beauty.

Canada is a popular destination for immigrants and has a long history of welcoming people from around the world. The process for immigrating to Canada depends on the individual’s circumstances and the purpose of their stay. There are several different categories of visas available for those who want to come to Canada, including work visas, study visas, and family reunification visas. In order to apply for a visa, individuals must generally provide documentation such as a passport, proof of sufficient financial resources, and a clean criminal record. The process for obtaining a visa can vary depending on the embassy or consulate where the application is being made.

Canada has a points-based immigration system, which means that individuals can earn points based on their skills, work experience, and other factors. Those who meet the required number of points may be eligible to apply for permanent residence in the country.


Visa options that we can assist:

  • Start-up Visa
  • Youth Mobility Visa
  • Permanent Residence:
  • Federal Skilled Worker
  • Federal Skilled Trades
  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Provincial Nominee Program
  • Family Class
  • Business Immigration: Entrepreneurs, Investors and Self-employed people

Services that we can offer:

  • Translation, Interpretation and notarization
  • Residence permit application
  • SIN
  • Bank Accounts
  • Real estate – purchase and rental
  • Business registration and company formation

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