Job Seekers Visa


Job Seekers (JS) visa

Purpose of this visa is to allow the individuals live legally while they look for job in a specific country. This is a finite visa issued for 3-6 months and extendable up to 12 months in some countries.

Feature and benefit of JS visa:

Allows to find suitable job while legally living in the country, which means you can meet the employers and recruitment agencies in person which drastically improves your chances of getting hired.

Leads to residency, PR and nationality in the country without the need for a large upfront investment

Natural fit for tech workers.

Allows migration with family.

Job Seekers Visa


General requirements in order to successfully apply for it are mentioned below:

  1. Graduate or over education qualification
  2. Work experience
  3. Some countries need language proficiency
  4. Clean history in terms of immigration and good conduct
  5. Health insurance
  6. Accommodation confirmation

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Countries offering JS Visa:

The following is the list of the countries offering this visa:

Europe – Portugal, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Norway, France, Czech Republic, Denmark, Spain, Ireland, Sweden and Estonia

Americas – Canada, USA and Ecuador

Middle East: UAE (Dubai)

Asia – Singapore, China, Cambodia, South Korea

Oceania – Australia and New Zealand