Start-Up / Entrepreneur Visa


Golden / Investor Visa (GV) visa

Various countries have launched this category of visa as it’s no secret that entrepreneurs, start-ups contribute massively to local economies, not only that but it attracts many highly skilled people who trigger economic growth.

The terms of the visa and requirements vary from country to country, but the common denominator is that they all want to pave a path to create an ecosystem to nurture innovation and entrepreneurship. 

This visa category requires innovative ideas by some countries, but others require establishing a generic business or a freelance activity.  It is granted for finite period initially extendable for up to 5 years after which PR or nationality could be applied.

Feature and benefit of this visa category:

Allows to do business while legally living in the country.

Leads to residency, PR and nationality in the country without the need for a large upfront investment

Natural fit for tech and innovative ideas.

Allows migration with family.

Start-Up / Entrepreneur Visa


General requirements in order to successfully apply under this category are mentioned below:

  1. Some countries require education qualifications (Graduate or over) in relevant field.
  2. Some countries require a convincing business plan, a successful business record with specified turnover
  3. Some countries require language proficiency and company/business/activity registration and appropriate licence if the proposed activity falls under such category
  4. All most all require some amount of capital and / or net assets and maintenance funds for at least a year.
  5. All most all require clean history in terms of immigration and good conduct
  6. Health insurance

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Countries offering this visa:

Europe – UK (Tier – 1 Innovator visa) Portugal (D2 Start-up and entrepreneur visa), France (Tech Visa/Ticket), Denmark, Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Ireland, Italy, Sweden (Start-up visa), Netherlands (Start-up Residence permit), Croatia, Spain, Slovakia (Residence visa for entrepreneurs).

Americas – Canada (Start-up Visa), USA (L1, E2-Treaty investors) and Chile (Tech Visa Program)

Middle East: UAE (Dubai)

Asia – Singapore (Entrepass Service),

Oceania – Australia (Business innovation visa) and New Zealand (Entrepreneur visa, Global impact Visa, Entrepreneur Residence category)