Fees, Payment, and Taxes

  1. You will pay all applicable fees in connection with the apply2migrate services, as set forth in apply2migrate’s standard price list as provided to you during consultation. Fees are quoted and payable in USD/EUR/GBP/AUD/INR as governed by the country of application.
  2. apply2migrate may require you to pay registration fee before consultation depending on the country from which you are applying, other characteristics applicable to applicants, and the related likelihood of an application being successful due to Governmental or Regulatory Authority visa approvals. REGISTARION FEE IS NON – REFUNDABLE.
  3. Certain fees charged by apply2migrate under this Agreement are set by apply2migrate partners or other third parties, and apply2migrate has no control over the fee amount, but simply remits such fee directly to the applicable apply2migrate partner or third party, and that payment obligations are therefore non-cancellable, and fees paid are non-refundable.
  4. apply2migrate reserves the right to modify such fees, upon reasonable notice, which may be performed by updating apply2migrate’s standard price list, as set forth on apply2migrate’s website.
  5. Your use of the apply2migrate services following such changes constitutes your acceptance of any new or increased charges.
Fee Payment
  1. Where you pay fees by means of a credit card, you authorize apply2migrate or its third-party payment processor to automatically charge you for all fees incurred by you for apply2migrate services. If your credit card is rejected for any reason, you will be responsible for any fees and charges associated with such rejection.
  2. The foregoing will not limit apply2migrate’s ability to exercise any rights available to it in law or equity respecting the collection of any amounts payable hereunder, and you will also be responsible for paying for all reasonable fees and costs incurred by apply2migrate, including legal fees, in collecting any overdue amounts or enforcing any provision of this Agreement.
  3. Without limiting the foregoing, apply2migrate reserves the right not to process any Application or portion thereof prior to obtaining full payment of fees from you.
Interest on Late Payments
  1. In addition to any other rights and remedies available to apply2migrate, apply2migrate will be entitled to charge interest on all outstanding amounts at the lesser of 1.5% per month or the maximum rate permitted by Applicable Law, such interest commencing as of the due date for such payment.
  1. You are responsible for, and will pay all taxes relating to this Agreement, excluding any taxes based on the net income of apply2migrate. Unless otherwise indicated, all amounts payable by you under this Agreement are exclusive of any tax, duty, levy, or similar government charge that may be assessed by any jurisdiction, whether based on gross revenue, the delivery, possession, or use of the apply2migrate services, the execution of this Agreement or otherwise.
  2. If you are required to withhold any taxes from payments owed under this Agreement, the amount of payment due will automatically be increased to offset such tax, so that the amount remitted to apply2migrate will equal the amount due.
  3. You will promptly furnish apply2migrate with copies of all official receipts evidencing payment of taxes due under or in relation to this Agreement to the appropriate taxing authority.