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Working Holiday / Youth mobility visa

Many countries provide working holiday programs for young people. The idea of a youth mobility visa is to facilitate a bridge between two or more countries by allowing the youth to explore a new culture without spending too much money, working to support their holiday.

Typically, working holiday visa are the result of a mutual agreement between two countries, so they are not available to citizens of every country. It is often age bound 18 – 35 years can apply, each country has their own upper age limit defined.

Features of this visa:

This visa can only be applied once and is non – extendable

Allows applicant to work in specific industries as highlighted by the host country

Allows to work only specific number of hours per week

Cannot be applied with family members.

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General requirements in order to successfully apply for it are mentioned below:

  1. Citizenship from the accepted country
  2. Health insurance
  3. Financial means
  4. Clean history in terms of immigration and good conduct

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Most popular WHM / YMV program are as follows:

USA – J1 Visa

Australia – Working holiday scheme (sub class 417 & 462)

Canada – International Experience Canada (IEC)

Japan, Ireland, Israel, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, France, Chile, Taiwan, New Zealand – Working holiday scheme

UK – Youth mobility scheme