Golden Visa


Golden / Investor Visa (GV) visa

Governments of various countries grant temporary / permanent / nationality to foreign citizens against a significant investment from $250k – $10m in real estate, business capital, hedge funds or donation in government bonds. Many countries have no requirement to live in the country after making the investment.

Purpose of this visa is to allow HNI to acquire second residency / nationality. This is a granted initially for a finite period of 1-2 years and extendable up to 5 years leading to PR or citizenship in some countries and for indefinite period / citizenship directly.   

Feature and benefit of GV / Investor visa:

  • Allows to live legally in the country, which means their family members and they can conduct business activity, study and travel freely and some cases visa free in other countries.
  • Leads to PR and nationality in the country.
  • Natural fit for HNIs.
  • Allows migration with family.

Golden Visa


General requirements in order to successfully apply for it are mentioned below:

  1. Personally own money that they wish to invest and prove that they legal acquired it.
  2. Invest a set amount and maintain such investment for a set period.
  3. Investment can be in a company’s shares / stocks / country’s public debt or government bonds / create employment opportunities / contribute to a country’s scientific or technological innovation
  4. Clean history in terms of immigration and good conduct

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Countries offering GV Visa:

The following is the list of the countries offering this visa:

Europe – Portugal, Greece, Malta, Latvia, Italy and Austria

Americas – Canada, USA (EB5 and EB2), Anguilla, Antigua & Barbuda, Grenada, St Kitts and Nevis, St. Lucia, The Cayman Islands and Dominica

Middle East: UAE (Dubai)

Asia – Singapore, Turkey

Oceania – Vanuatu, New Zealand