Graduated from a Spanish University? Here’s What to Do Next!

If you’ve recently graduated from a Spanish university, you’re in a prime position to extend your stay and kickstart your professional journey in Spain. The country offers an excellent opportunity for non-EU graduates through the Job Search Visa, a residence permit specifically designed for those who have completed their studies in Spain. This visa allows you to seek employment or start your own business venture.

Job Search or Business Project Start Permit?

As a recent graduate, you have two primary options to stay in Spain:

  1. Work Permit or Skilled Work Permit: Apply for a traditional work permit if you already have a job offer or meet the criteria for skilled work.
  2. Start Your Own Business: Begin your entrepreneurial journey in Spain with the appropriate permits.

The Job Search Visa: Key Advantages

The Job Search Visa comes with several significant benefits:

Main Requirements

To qualify for the Job Search Visa, you need to meet the following criteria:

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