The Non-Lucrative Visa (NLV) allows non-EU citizens and their families to live in Spain. It is ideal for those with a stable income in their native country, sufficient funds, retirees, individuals seeking easier travel within the EU, and those wanting to provide a high standard of living for their families in Spain.

What is it?

A residency permit initially granted for one year, renewable.

Who is it for?
Key Features:
Key Benefits:
What can you do with this Visa?

What can you not do with this Visa?
Main Requirements:
Why Choose the NLV?
Application Support:

The application process can be complex, and professional guidance can help avoid common mistakes such as incorrect documentation, wrong type of medical insurance, improper accommodation proof, and insufficient financial proof. We offer assistance with document translation, application preparation, coordination with the embassy, and finalizing the process in Spain.

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