France offers indefinitely renewable residence permits for Financially Independent Persons (FIP). To qualify, applicants must demonstrate possession of at least €21,600 and commit to not taking up employment in France. Applicants must also have their own or rented accommodation in France and sufficient funds for living.

Who Qualifies as Financially Independent Persons?

Many European countries offer legal residence options for wealthy foreigners, with varying financial requirements. In France, FIPs are individuals with sufficient financial security to live in the country. The required financial security must meet or exceed the minimum annual salary minus tax (SMIC) in France. Acceptable income sources include:

Key Details of the FIP Visa:
Application Process:
  1. Obtain a long-stay visa for a residence permit from the French Consulate.
  2. Deposit the required amount in a French bank.
  3. Submit the FIP visa application online or at the local prefecture.
  4. Receive a residence permit and card from the prefecture.
  5. Renew the permit online 2-4 months before expiration.
Key Benefits:

For a quick and straightforward way to start your life in France as a financially independent person, consider the FIP residence permit. Enjoy the benefits of living in one of Europe’s most beautiful and vibrant countries !

Application Support:

The application process can be complex, and professional guidance can help avoid common mistakes such as incorrect documentation, wrong type of medical insurance, improper accommodation proof, and insufficient financial proof. We offer assistance with document translation, application preparation, coordination with the embassy, and finalizing the process in France.

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