UK announces young professionals scheme for citizens of India

Overview An India Young Professionals Scheme visa allows Indian citizens between 18 and 30 years old to live and work in the UK for up to 2 years. You must be selected in the India Young Professionals Scheme ballot before you can apply for this visa. To enter the ballot you must declare that you’re eligible for […]

Opportunities in healthcare

These countries are offering the best opportunities to expats in healthcare Since the pandemic, the demand for experienced health professionals in many countries has increased. Canada, Ireland and Australia are currently offering attractive incentives to welcome expats working in healthcare. Ø Canada is easing permanent residency for doctors and nurses  Canada plans on welcoming 465,000 […]

Denmark opens doors to foreign talent

Denmark is heavily relying on immigration to counter the acute labor shortage in certain sectors. The Danish government has come up with a special scheme to attract qualified foreign talent and created a list of jobs that are under pressure. So what are the opportunities that are currently available in Denmark for prospective expats? Ø […]

Italy announces 82,705 work permits for expat workers

Italy announces 82,705 work permits for expat workers  The Italian government is looking to grant 82 705 work permits to expat workers this year. According to the latest Decree on Migration Flows (Decreto Flussi), published on January 26 in the Italian Official Gazette, this measure aims to address the shortages in various sectors. So what […]

The IEC 2023 pool is now open – CANADA

Following an increase in capacity, the International Experience Canada program is open for applications.  The International Experience Canada (IEC) program is accepting applications for its 2023 pool. The opening of the application pool comes following last year’s announcement, that the IEC would be expanding its program intake, allowing close to 90,000 applicants from partner countries […]

Global Talent Stream adds five new eligible occupations to program

On December 22nd, Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) expanded the list of eligible occupations in the Global Talent Stream(GTS). ESDC is a government department that works to support Canada’s labour force, and so has oversight over many immigration matters—including issuance of Labour Market Internal Assessments (LMIAs) and oversight of the GTS; a work permit program with expedited processing created […]

New Zealand: Immigration revival expected in 2023

New Zealand is actively seeking skilled migrants to boost its economy. Having suffered the consequences of its zero-covid policy, the country officially lifted all restrictions last September. The clock is ticking to revive growth despite inflationary pressures. Why is immigration essential to New Zealand? What measures has the government taken to attract foreign workers?  Good […]

Canada plans to attract more Asian immigrants with new Indo-Pacific Strategy

As part of its Immigration Levels Plan 2023-2025, Canada is trying to attract more immigrants from the Indo-Pacific region. Most recent immigrants have come from three countries in the region: India, China and the Philippines. In the next 5 years, Canada will invest an additional $75 million in trade, visa processing and educational exchanges with […]